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CPB Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine
CSB Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine
CSH 250x130cm Ball Screw Laser Cutting Machine

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Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine
CLB fiber laser cutting machine install Precitec focus head and IPG fiber laser for up to 6mm stainless steel and aluminum sheet cutting.
CSE Die Board Laser Cutting Machine
1.Non-Contact Auto Focus System -- Provide easy & convenient auto focus laser beam. 2.Standalone Control Panel -- Convenient operation and provide multiple language support. 3.Focus Len Module -- Convenient to exchange and maintain lens. 4.District Exhaust Design -- Enhance smoke exha
CLB-090060 Small size ( max. working area 900x600mm ) fiber laser metal cutting machine with 1um resolution Linear Servo Motor to get fine and accurate cutting parts. Can install fiber laser system to cut up to 6mm stainless and aluminum steeel or more (option ).

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CO2 laser and fiber laser for non-metal and metal cutting machine for acrylic, wood, Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Mild Steel cutting, engraving, Scribing Patterning and Marking.